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Our Superiority


Over 104 years of continuous efforts, we keep working closely with Asian franchised distributors and manufactories. We find our unique channels to optimize prices, shorten the delivery time for customers.


We located offices and highly effective logistics system in China mainland, Hongkong and Germeny to ensure the best sources and on time delivery

Quality Assurance

There are strict inspection system in Prit, and we buy testing service from professional testing organization .

Join Us

我们期待您的加入——IC 采购 招聘

  • 理想的同事:

  • 1、熟悉各大品牌代理商,有优势代理商,原厂渠道

  • 2、善于开发新的代理商以及原厂优势渠道,善于挖掘新的优质供应商。
  • 3、在询价,议价中能及时和业务沟通,及时共享最新信息。
  • 4、良好的沟通意识,有一定的议价经验和技巧。
  • 5、英文熟练能做全球采购优先, 有欧美大型贸易商采购经验优先
  • 6、执行能力强,有韧劲,喜欢开拓新渠道!

  • 如果您对以上职位感兴趣,请将简历投递到


  • 理想的同事:

  • 1、工作语言为英语,同时需要兼顾德国市场。我们欢迎英语,德语,国际贸易等相关类专业人士加入;

  • 2、有一定的IC 、电子元器件外贸销售工作经验;
  • 3、英语口语熟练,英文邮件书写规范;
  • 4、熟悉国际贸易流程;
  • 5、有较强的团队合作精神,较好的应变能力和分析判断能力,敏锐的市场嗅觉;

About US

Prit Electronics Co.,Ltd aims to be your main source provider of electronic components. We are excellent at good passive parts supply .We always take direct source first and our stock in Shenzhen and Hong Kong helps us more in sourcing hard-to-find parts.Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction. We are committed to delivering quality components and on time, we offer a diverse range of products and services, above all we are flexible by reacting swiftly to daily market challenges, which this industry often incurs.

We believe in a strong commitment to our clients, which is reflected by the large number of referrals that we have received. Over half of our customer base has been acquired through these referrals. Simply said, we take pride in the success of our customer's business.By providing quality parts, exceptional customer service, and immediate delivery, we have secured an enviable position in this competitive industry.